Iranian TV tries to legitimize and reinforce sexism and male domination with oppressive gender representation. The current study investigates how critical analysis of media is necessary for Iranian women from the viewpoints of Iranian feminist activists. Using a qualitative approach of semi-structured interviews with 15 Iranian feminist activists, this paper contends that critical reading of media messages is essential for Iranian women. The findings reveal that critical reading of media messages could empower Iranian women to understand how Iranian TV reinforces and naturalizes gender stereotypes and roles. In addition, the Iranian feminist activists believe that because media has a purpose, critical analysis of media texts helps to discern these goals. Besides, some of the Iranian feminist activists consider critical analysis of media messages as a kind of voice for Iranian women.

Author Biography

Kobra Mohammadpour Kachalmi is a Ph.D. candidate in Department of Civilization and Government Studies, University Putra Malaysia. Her major research interest is critical media literacy.

Associate Professor Lee Yok Fee is affiliated to Department of Government and Civilization Studies, University Putra Malaysia. His major research interest is in studies related to ethnicity and identity studies.