Gayle Kimball


A surprising way to silence young women globally, in addition to overly protective families, is by scholars of youth studies and development professionals. Ageism against youth is rarely discussed, so this article reveals this academic bias that ignores or discounts youth voices—especially young women. However, in the safe space of their bedrooms, the Internet and the cell phone enable young women to express their voices, even to organize uprisings. They can get around family restrictions and desires to protect them by speaking publicly from a private space. Some media provide empowering images for young women activists and informative networks of support. Readers probably don’t know about young women who led uprisings, so the article will name Generation Y and Z women activists who led revolutions in this century using social media.

Author Biography

Gayle Kimball, Ph.D. is the author or editor of 20 books including editor of Women's Culture and Women's Culture Revisited, two volumes of Brave: The Global Girls’ Revolution, and Resist! Goals and Tactics for Changemakers.