Laxmi Dhungel


This paper explores return negotiation and changed gender roles of highly-skilled women who went abroad for their higher education and then returned to Nepal. Revisiting the concepts of return and migration from gender perspectives, Bourdieu’s theory of habitus has been considered as a tool for analysis. Based on the fieldwork in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, this study was conducted among middle-class women. Through the use of semi-structured, in-depth interviews with a cross-section of those women, I found that the prevalent gender structure of Nepalese society is not friendly for the returnee women.

Author Biography

Laxmi Dhungel is a PhD fellow in the Department of Arts, Kathmandu University. Her PhD has focused on highly educated female returnees in Nepal. Her area of research is in the field of transnational migration and gender analyzed with a feminist approach.