Bagong Suyanto


“Grey chicken” is a term used to describe female students involved in prostitution practices. The number and distribution of students who double as prostitutes are increasing in urban areas, thus requiring immediate attention. This study found a number of reasons why female students fall into prostitution. In addition to the pressures of poverty and dysfunctional families, other factors that encourage prostitution include the influence of destructive peer-groups and being date-rape victims by their romantic partners. Female student prostitutes are not only victims of economic exploitation, but also psychological exploitation in forms of inhumane treatment from their customers, as well as social exploitation. This study found that the modus operandi often used by their pimps is the dependency method, including making female students addicted into drug use. These girls are often treated as objects of experiments and unusual sexual perversions. Moreover, they also suffer from social exploitation in the form of submissive relations with their pimps and the customers.

Author Biography

Bagong Suyanto is part of the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Airlangga University.