Elise G. Young


There are six sections to this paper. I begin by introducing the history and goals of The Global Women’s History Project and the Inaugural Conference reviewed in this paper. Second, I introduce the central theme of the paper, the geo-politics of race, and discuss the relevance of this theme to the outcome of the conference. Third, I explain my use of the term race. In the fourth section I introduce excerpts from delegates’ talks expanding on the areas of challenge to coalition building- race, class, and taking responsibility for history- as well as documenting the successes of coalition building. Section five reviews strategies for resolving conflict introduced by delegates. In conclusion I return to and further develop the theme of race with which I began.

Author Biography

Dr. Elise G. Young, History Department, Westfield State College, Co-Director with Dr. Zengie Mangaliso of The Global Women’s History Project, is a Middle East historian, writer, and activist, and poet. She is author of Keepers of the History, Women and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and numerous articles on women and state building in the Middle East.