The growing field of Corporate Social Responsibility includes gender equality issues as a corporate commitment to society as well as the organization. It emphasizes equal opportunities for males and females in every sphere of organizational practice. However, the practices are most relevant to economic gains and political and regulatory purposes instead of demands for society, ethics and human rights. This research paper finds that the commercial banks of Bangladesh practice their gender commitments within a Corporate Social Responsibility framework and concentrate more on economic and political gains than mainstream gender practices from an ethical point of view. Incorporating gender issues in the organizational practices of commercial banks is one kind of rhetorical or nominal participation in a strategic way.

Author Biography

Musammet Ismat Ara Begum is working as Deputy Director in the SME & Special Programmes Department of Bangladesh Bank (The Central Bank of Bangladesh), Head Office, Dhaka Bangladesh. She was graduated from the Crawford School of Public Policy-Master of Public Policy (specializing in Development Policy) at The Australian National University in 2014-2015. She is keen to work with gender issues, environmental issues and issues of corporate social responsibility.