In the context of reducing female labor demand and restructuring female work in integration, determinants of women's employment are studied using data of 2010 VHLSS with 11,085 women aged 15 and older who were working in the Vietnamese labor market. The economic and care needs, values and opportunities of women working are important. At the region-level, economic development and equality will give women opportunities for better work. Women's education and training clearly take a key position. The analysis shows the effect of education and training are strongest and positive for women with employment in the group of "Leaders, managers, and administrators; High and Middle-level technicians and professionals”. The finding suggests an effect of household social-economic status on women's employment achievements. Our results stress the importance of education and training as the major road towards women's empowerment in Vietnam.

Author Biography

Ngo Quynh An: Field of research: Population and Development, Labor Economics. Human Resource Economics and Management Department, National Economics University (NEU), 207, GiaiPhong Road, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Yamada Kazuyo: Field of research: Industrial Relations Labor Economics. Economics Department, Shiga University, 1-1-1 Banba, Hikone, Shiga 522-8522, Japan.