Fatima H. Eid


In recent years, growing attention to cultivate civic participation among young citizens has been mounting. In Bahrain, young women receive some attention via their participation in civic, political and public engagement initiatives. This paper presents the theoretical and conceptual background for a field study that intends to examine whether young Bahraini women are equipped with the civic knowledge and understanding necessary to participate effectively in community. It also presents their conception of citizenship, their perception of their identity, their political awareness, and their concern about their community issues.

Drawing on quantitative and qualitative data, this paper analyses the ways in which young Bahrainis perceive their identity and citizenship status. In this mixed methods approach, a questionnaire was administered to 245 Bahraini young women at the age of 18, followed by in-depth interviews with a stratified sample of 11 young women who had participated in the questionnaire survey. Although the gender gap is closing or reversing in regard to specific forms of participation, some inequalities remain (Lorenzini and Bassoli, 2016), this study contributes to understanding the gender differences in issues related to civic participation and to find if there are any significant differences among women themselves.

Author Biography

Dr. Fatima Eid is an experienced professional who has been working in the field of research and education since 1992. Dr. Fatima Eid’s work is as follows: Worked for the Ministry of Education, Educational and Development Research Centre, EDRC – 1999. Work for the Secretariat – General of the Higher Education Council – SGHEC, since 2006. Received PhD. In Educational Policy and Management from University of Leicester (United Kingdom, 2007). Has considerable experience in training, supervising, teaching, planning and managing research development projects and programs. Organized and led numerous workshops and seminars in the field of education and published a variety of books and articles on social sciences, humanities and education. Received a fellowship grant from Japan Foundation, funded through the "Fellowship Program for Intellectual Exchange 2011-2012."