Robyn Long


Neoliberal processes have been wrought on the body, and have formed an effective oppression against ‘deviant’ bodies that do not, or cannot, maintain the idealised, heterosexual and able-bodied, neoliberal figure. By engaging with feminist, queer, and crip theoretical framings of the body, and the impact of neoliberal governmentality on non-normative sexuality, I find varied sites where queer, crip, or crip-queer bodies can challenge dominant discourses of heteronormativity and compulsory able-bodiedness. These challenges are crucial to creating counter-publics and counter-discourses to undermine the neoliberal-neoconservative complex. Exploring theorisings of the body and agency further, I look toward a crip/queer alterity, suggesting areas for further research, collaborating with postcolonial theories to examine the neoliberal body in globalised contexts.

Author Biography

Robyn Long is currently a Research Assistant on the Connectors Study at Goldsmiths, University of London, where she is analysing civil and political citizenships and orientations towards social action in childhood. Her research interests include: figurations of bodies and embodiment, sexual subjectivities, citizenship and sovereignty, political economy, political theory, queer theory, crip theory, and post-structuralist feminist theory.