The purpose of this study was to explore the factors that promoted resilience in Haitian women earthquake survivors. The literature on mental health among Haitians is sparse. Furthermore, the concept of resilience is not easily translated across cultures. In the aftermath of the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake, relocated victims struggled to adjust. This study looks at what factors helped women adjust to their new environment and cope with the traumas and losses suffered from the earthquake. A qualitative design was used to discover and describe resilience. Findings indicate that cultural values and strengths were key factors in the women’s perseverance.

Author Biography

Castagna Lacet, MSW, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Social Work at Bridgewater State University. She is the president of the Haitian Mental Health Network, a member organization focused on building mental health capacity for those working with the Haitian population. She engages in mental health training and consultation related to Haitian communities both in the United States and Haiti.