Salwa Nugali


The purpose of this research project is to put into context the role of women in Saudi Arabia through reading of symbols and signs of the physical shape of the first sky scrapers: AlMamlakah (Kingdom) and AlFaisalia. The paper analyses perceptions of modern Saudi Arabian architecture and the significance of our visual perception to gender codification is what this project attempts to analyze. The project uses three interlaced lines of investigation. The first is the relationship of architecture to the culture and the population. The research paper will study the architecture of the two skyscrapers. The second line of investigation is the perception of a symbol or a sign by the public. Thirdly, the paper will present feminism theories and finally connect these three investigations to the representation of women in art and history.

Author Biography

Dr. Salwa Suliman Nugali is an associate professor of American Literature and Criticism, Al-Yamamah University, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She is interested in philosophy and culture and translation. In 2012, she won the international award for her translated book: Cognitive Poetics: an Introduction by Professor Peter Stockwell. She has many publications and newspaper articles in literature and cultural issues.