This paper extends a previous qualitative research on female yo-yo dieters/weight cyclers in the UK. Out of nine participants in the previous study, this investigation has made use of feminist perspectives to further analyze the data of four participants that was previously derived via thematic analysis. Feminist analysis revealed that initiation of frequent dieting episodes is not merely to lose weight; rather complex control and identity issues as well as negative emotions play a role in triggering yo-yo dieting in some women. Furthermore, the similarity of these manifestations to eating disorders is discussed.

Author Biography

Huda Qazi is a Clinical Nutritionist and an Independent Healthcare Professional and Researcher in Feminism, Psychology and Behavioral Science. Her current research interests include examining and investigating the impact of weight fluctuations on physical and mental health; how lifestyle choices affect nutritional status and health; and utilizing feminist and psychological perspectives to explore and analyze the factors responsible for the development and maintenance of eating disorders and disordered eating behaviors.