This study examined the ways in which Japanese young people think about their future careers, focusing on their occupational aspirations and attitudes toward marriage. The data were collected using a questionnaire that consisted of short essay items providing information derived from undergraduate students (510 men; 433 women) at a large national university in Japan. The results indicated that men concern themselves more with work life, whereas women concern themselves more with marriage life. Although one’s college days are important times for developing one’s future career, many lacked clear initial occupational aspirations. The results especially indicated a need to educate both male and female students on ways of supporting female students in their decisions on how to participate in the workforce.

Author Biography

Yukiko Inoue-Smith, Ph.D., is a Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Guam. Her research interests include: comparative studies of career education at the college level; improving university teaching and learning with technology; and the social contexts of learning within higher education.