Rachel Baruch


Researchers and scholars consider the Internet today to be the most far-reaching technological tool, in regards to its implications for our present-day society. Its development and usage has, among other things, implications for gender perceptions, as well as for education and studies. The main purpose of the study was to examine attitudes held by female education students toward information technology in general and studying within an Internet-environment in particular, as well as the way they perceive themselves in such a changing world.

Twenty interviews with students of education were analyzed during the course of this study. Results of the study indicate that the interviewed students perceive this world (Internet and technology) as a part of their lives. They see the Internet as an efficient and necessary tool. It seems, however, that the women do not view the Internet as an object over which they have control or have control over its development. In addition, a positive approach toward learning through the Internet was found and the students noted the importance of information technology’s contribution to learning.

Author Biography

Rachel Baruch, Ph.D., is a lecturer and researcher in the fields of educational ICT and e-learning. In the past, she served as head of the Online Learning Institute at Achva Academic College, Israel. Rachel is currently a lecturer and a member of the ICT team in the college. She is also part of the academic staff at Givat-Washington Academic College, Israel.