This article discusses the concept of equality of condition as a possibility of citizenship for women in diverse fields of social life: house work, labour market and social benefits, in particular. Women talks were gathered through Focus Group Discussion with a group of higher education students, in an Erasmus Intensive Programme, which involved Belgium, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Portugal. These countries are seen in their roles as European member states with diverse positions in the European Union. We start by describing shortly the European and national legal settings for women’s citizenship, and we theorize the ways Europe relates to their citizens. Going beyond presence, we analyse women’s possibilities to get in and to succeed in the labour market, as well as we examine the allocations attributed to women in the domestic sphere of care and house work, as well as the attribution of social benefits by the states. Hence, we also explore the positive or negative impact on equality of condition of the diverse dimensions that intertwine in their lives.

Author Biography

Eunice Macedo & Sofia Almeida Santos, University of Porto/FPCE Centre for Research and Intervention in Education (CIIE)