Angelika Böck


In this article I discuss the dialogical method which is used to study the idea of perception among individuals, especially to understand the question of perception toward the veil in Yemen in 2007. Furthermore I elaborate on my exploration of “portrayal” as an art form which lies at the basis of my approach. To be occupied with matters of the veil means to deal with questions of image and gaze. Therefore I also try to give a basic overview on this topic. The article ends with a short description of a corresponding experiment I carried out in Germany one year later. By comparing the Western and Eastern responses to the veiled female body, this experiment reveals typical culturally shaped preconceptions.

Author Biography

Angelika Böck graduated 1992 in interior design and 1998 in sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Her investigations about the human representation challenge and expand the parameters of the conceptions and conventions of “portraiture”. She conducted ‘Dialogical Portraits’ in the Republic Ivory Coast, Finnmark, Central Australia, Yemen, Malaysia and Mongolia. Beside this body of work she produces site specific public art projects – often applying a ‘dialogical’ strategy. Angelika Böck lives and works in Munich, Germany and Bario, Sarawak/Malaysia.