Olivera Simić


In this paper I reflect on my attendance of the Women’s Worlds 2011 congress held in Ottawa, Canada. I analyze responses of the international feminist audience to the paper I presented during the congress. The paper offered an analysis of the empirical data collected during my fieldwork in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in 2008 and was concerned with Bosnian women and their sexual relationships with peacekeepers during the war and in post conflict BiH. I argue that because of an almost exclusive focus on mass rapes endured by Bosnian women during the war and a vast feminist literature focused on sexual violence in BiH, to talk about positive sex in times of war has become a challenging and, at times, almost impossible task. This paper is concerned with re-inventing and re-constructing Bosnian women’s multiple identities: as marked by victimhood, but also by agency, resilience and utmost courage.

Author Biography

Dr Olivera Simić is a Lecturer with the Griffith Law School,