Michèle Roberts is a contemporary feminist writer born in England in 1949. Brought up with two languages and cultures, she was educated at a religious school and she later lived in a convent for a long time. The conversation presented below took place in London in August 2010. The purpose of this interview was to talk with Michèle Roberts about her writing and the link between her novels and her memoir. The contemporary and feminist writer talked about Virginia Woolf, Marion Milner, about personal and public spheres, about exploring when writing and about being an artist, among other topics. The conversation is thus presented in full as it happened.

Author Biography

M. Soraya García-Sánchez is a lecturer at the Faculty of English Studies at the Universidad of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain where she has taught language, culture and literature courses both online and on a face-to-face basis. Her research areas are focused on women’s writing, literature, culture and language in contemporary contexts.