The aim of this study was to explore osteoporosis (OP) risk factors among Jordanian women. Osteoporosis (OP) is a chronic complex health problem for millions of women worldwide, 80% of whom are postmenopausal women. Unless prevented or treated, this silent disease will continue to limit both the quantity and quality of life of many older women and significantly add to the health care cost for this group. A sample of Jordanian women in different settings in Jordan (N=192; mean age=43years). The study was descriptive and data were collected over a two month period in 2005 with the use of a self-administered questionnaires. Although women reported having a diet high in calcium, and did not smoke. The majority (68%) did not exercise and consume a large amount of caffeine. There is an overwhelming need for more public education and for wider dissemination of information about OP prevention, and treatment with special attention in targeting younger women to improve women’s health early on and halt the progression of this silent disease.

Author Biography

Lubna Abushaikha, Associate Professor, Faculty of Nursing/Dept. Of Maternal-Child Health, The University of Jordan.

Suha Omran, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Nursing/Dept. Adult Health Jordan University of Science and Technology