Tanya Bahkru


This article examines aspects of feminist methodology pertinent to carrying out transnational research within an era of globalization. I explore the use of self-reflexivity, engagement with conceptualizations of insider/outsider, and the employment of feminist critiques of notions of objectivity within the research process as feminist methodological tools relevant to transnational feminist research. I argue that in an age of globalization, such methodological frameworks and tools are necessary in research committed to feminist contestations of globalization in that the nature of transnational research sustains an ever dynamic and shifting landscape of personal, political, and geographical relationships. This article draws upon my experiences carrying out transnational research in Ireland and the United States for my PhD dissertation between 2003 and 2007.

Author Biography

Tanya Bakhru received her PhD in Women’s Studies from University College Dublin in Ireland under the supervision of Ailbhe Smyth. In fall 2008 Tanya joined the faculty of the Social Science Department and Women’s Studies Program at San Jose State University as an assistant professor.