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At Bridgewater State University (BSU), the psychology department consists of many students of differing backgrounds and demographics. Certain student demographics that can lead to marginalization could potentially influence a student’s connection to their academic program. This project aims to determine if students of color experience a lack of connection within the psychology program. Students in each PSYC 150 (Orientation to the Psychology Major) course at BSU are invited to complete pretest/posttest surveys. We assessed results of surveys completed from Fall 2020-Spring 2023. We hypothesized that students of color would report lower connectedness through measures of sense of belonging, challenges faced, social and academic involvement, and support they received. Overall, our hypotheses were not supported. The exceptions were that students of color reported having fewer friends within the major than their White counterparts, and students of color were more likely than White students to report that their current employment aspirations are related to their race/ethnicity. Our discoveries will allow us to continue to ensure students of color feel as though as they belong, and to implement plans to encourage more connection with peers in the psychology major.



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Dr. Ashley Hansen-Brown, Thesis Advisor
Dr. Teresa King, Committee Member
Dr. Nesa Wasarhaley, Committee Member

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