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Gravitational lensing is the bending of light rays around a black hole. The goal of this project was to produce a computer code that would model light rays coming from a grid of objects set behind a rotating black hole. Using these light rays, we produced an image illustrating how this background of objects would appear to an observer on Earth. This was done by creating a MATLAB code to model the paths of multiple light rays at a time. This code was then used to help check and correct a C++ code that produced an image. Over the semester, we have worked to successfully increase the accuracy of the final image by fine-tuning our C++ code.


Physics, Photonics and Optical Engineering

Thesis Comittee

Dr. Thomas P. Kling, Thesis Advisor
Dr. Jeff Williams, Committee Member
Dr. Jennifer G. Winters, Committee Member
Dr. Jamie Kern, Committee Member

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