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Programs for gifted students have been used to identify and advance youth who show talent and academic potential in their academics for years. These programs separate the course load for gifted students from the typical education of their peers and allow them to further explore knowledge with advanced and accelerated work programs that manage the pace, content, and applications of their intelligence and talents. This research project investigates what it means to be a gifted student, how these students are identified, what the mental health trends of burnout are, the social-emotional relationships between peers, and how gifted students later bridge their skills and passions in life. This research is partnered with a video project that includes a choreographed series of three original dance works that represent different perspectives of a gifted student: burnout, gifted programs in private vs public schools, finding balance, becoming contributors to their communities, and finding passion for themselves in their futures.



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Dr. Jody Weber, Thesis Advisor
Dr. Donna Dragon, Committee Member
Prof. Tina Mullone, Committee Member

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