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The stage is set for the next generation. Our classrooms are filled with young people who have lived through a pandemic, grown up on social media, and counted standardized testing methods in their sleep instead of sheep. Students should be encouraged to ask questions and be curious about who they are and what is going on in the world. By incorporating drama education into their daily curriculum, students can see themselves in positive ways. The opportunities are endless when the teacher believes in them. Students can see themselves as role models, world leaders, and academic achievers with the help of theatre education. Theatre Education’s benefits stretch beyond the classroom. They will notice a difference in their socialization, confidence, and public speaking skills. By integrating theatre into the classroom, the next generation can make positive changes to our world. Performing Arts can be utilized to understand world issues, yourself, and academic concepts.



Thesis Comittee

Prof. Miranda Giurleo, Thesis Advisor
Prof. Sarah Elizabeth Bedard, Committee Member
Prof. Emmett Buhmann, Committee Member
Prof. Jim Quinn, Committee Member