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This thesis examines the extent to which small, local businesses in Bridgewater, MA generate social value for their community by engaging in socially responsible and sustainable corporate practices. After conducting an examination of local businesses to determine those that utilize such strategies, members of the selected organizations were contacted via email and asked to participate in a survey intended to generate qualitative data relating to corporate sustainability. Factors such as community impacts, internal benefits, motivations, and communication strategies pertaining to sustainability were all evaluated. Results indicate that Bridgewater businesses practicing sustainability not only generate internal value for the organization by reducing costs and boosting profitability, but also create external value by educating and building relationships with their community. Through primarily digital communication channels, such as business websites and social media, organizations in Bridgewater publicize these efforts, improving consumer perception and strengthening their role in the community.


Communication Studies

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Dr. Yongjun Shin, Thesis Advisor
Dr. Jessica Birthisel, Committee Member
Dr. Lisa Bergson, Committee Member

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