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Through the use of memoir and historical occurrences this paper will discuss the spectrum and correlations that all baked goods lie on. There are two scales: the spectrum of labor versus leisure, and the spectrum of specialness versus overindulgence. They have a positive correlation relationship. Often when something is on the high end of the leisure scale, it is also high in the overindulgence scale. Then that means the opposite end is true- high in labor can significantly relate to being higher in specialness. These relations of labor and specialness and leisure and overindulgence can tell us something about who we are as a society. Memoirs are used in this paper as a way to illustrate these spectrums as experienced by in real time. Mixing these short narrative non-fiction stories with specific events relating to each baked good allowed for an all encompassing view into the significance of the food in our society.



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Dr. Lee Torda, Thesis Advisor
Dr. Lisa Litterio, Committee Member
Dr. Joyce Rain Anderson, Committee Member

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