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Nowadays billions of people use social media platforms as a way to keep in touch with family and friends, fill spare time, find content, find inspiration for things to do and buy, share, and discuss opinions with others, and the list goes on. This project focused and investigated on the use of social media during the years, in particular during quarantine/lockdown. Utilizing the public source data, I explored several research questions including how many hours people spent on social media, the popularity of social media apps, as well as what age group uses social media platforms (teenagers, young adults, adults). After data cleaning, the data visualization followed, and multiple dashboards were created using Tableau; the data analysis was mainly completed in R. The findings and analysis results were also presented in this research.



Thesis Comittee

Dr. Wanchunzi Yu, Thesis Advisor
Dr. Kevin Rion, Committee Member
Dr. Irina Seceleanu, Committee Member