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In this day and age, more students are considering whether or not they should student teach abroad. International student teaching is not a program that all universities offer. However, at the universities that have the program, student teachers are noticing the effect that the experience has on them in the long run. Interviews with five different teachers who considered completing their student teaching abroad and followed through with it have reflected positive outcomes. The makeup of our classrooms are rapidly changing with many different cultures and nationalities being represented. In order to provide an equitable and inclusive classroom environment, teachers need to have experiences and exposure to other cultures to increase their own cultural awareness. This investigation will provide more information about international student teaching and the long term benefits that come out of that experience. The information was researched based on the following guiding research questions: 1) How did the student teaching abroad experience influence their teaching?, 2) What are the benefits of student teaching abroad compared to a traditional student teaching experience?, 3) What can student teachers gain from student teaching abroad? and 4) How can traveling abroad help teachers grow both professionally and personally? The following includes: a) literature review, b) methods, c) results, and d) discussion.


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