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Many classrooms, across all academic domains (reading, math, science, and social studies), are not culturally inclusive in terms of student race and ethnicity. As teachers, we can address this problem by promoting and incorporating culturally inclusive practices as we present subject content. Culturally responsive teaching promotes equitable student growth and development in the academic classroom. The primary purpose of this research was to build a website that shares culturally responsive teaching methods that educators can implement for their students. This online resource shares techniques for implementing an array of culturally diverse books into the curriculum, integrating cultural aspects into math and science concepts, and addressing the history of underserved groups. Culturally responsive teaching encourages students to connect their prior knowledge and experience to a curriculum that represents racial and ethnic diversity.


Elementary and Early Childhood Education

Thesis Comittee

Dr. Heather Pacheco-Guffrey, Thesis Advisor
Dr. Jacquelynne Boivin, Committee Member
Dr. Gia A. Renaud, Committee Member
Prof. Shawn O’Neill, Committee Member