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This project encompasses a series of seventeen lesson plans covering a 3-week period of classroom teaching on Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. These lesson plans are designed to be taught in a span of fifty minutes. They were also created for an 11th grade College Preparatory(CP) class in which both native English speakers and multilingual students, who have a high World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) level can be found. These students are at a WIDA Level 5, which means they have advanced listening, writing, speaking, and reading skills. Although these multilingual students find themselves at the highest WIDA Level, they recently got out of the ESL program and might still need support navigating the challenges of a mainstream English classroom. The student population is as follows: 25 students in total—10 Hispanic students from Ecuador, El Salvador, and Puerto Rico, 3 Vietnamese students, and the rest are native English speakers.


English & Secondary Education

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Dr. Melissa Tobey LaBelle, Thesis Advisor
Dr. Halina Adams, Thesis Advisor
Dr. Emily D. Field, Committee Member
Dr. Melissa Winchell, Committee Member