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This project will explore the community of Brockton's perception of the police. This is a case study of the June 2nd to 3rd protest that took place in Brockton, MA that explores connections to national events during the same time, greater Brockton, MA perceptions of police, and reasons people protest against the police. This protest follows the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. The Greater Brockton community and communities all over the United States call for justice and equality. The United States, and Brockton, has been struggling with racial injustices and this project investigates the perceptions of police of the greater Brockton community. This is done through analyzing 101 tweets made after the June 2-3 protest in Brockton, Ma. The 101 tweets are broken down into major themes that helps gauge the feelings and perceptions of the Greater Brockton community towards the police. The goal is to be a step closer to reaching racial justice.


Criminal Justice

Thesis Comittee

Dr. Jennifer Hartsfield, Thesis Advisor
Dr. Luzi Shi, Committee Member
Dr. Michael DeValve, Committee Member