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When I initially started this project, I hoped to tell stories in genres that I love while exploring the impact my father has had on my life. Although I prefer to write fiction, the nonfiction essays of this piece show who my father is through my eyes as well as provide me with the space to explore and find words for my own fears of losing him one day. The fictional stories interwoven throughout also show how my father inspires my writing even when it does not directly involve him, or a character exactly like him. For example, my dad is not much like Mick in “Before Check Out,” but I see my father in the setting, the way the main character talks, and some of the desires that the characters have. This project forced me to confront many fears that I have avoided for a long time about losing my father. He is someone I have looked up to my whole life because of the generosity, kindness, and patience he treats everyone with. My dad always taught me to leave the world a brighter place than when I entered it—to have a legacy that I can be proud of. I believe that this thesis project is composed of impactful essays and stories, but, more importantly, this unique collection brings to life an amazing person and carves his legacy on the walls of literary history for future generations to discover.



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Dr. Sarah Fawn Montgomery, Thesis Advisor
Dr. James P. Crowley, Committee Member
Dr. Benjamin D. Carson, Committee Member

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