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This thesis describes the rise in narcissistic behaviors, cyberbullying, and mental health issues in adolescents ages 13-19 due to frequent social media usage on sites such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. The rise in narcissistic behavior, cyberbullying, and mental health issues among teens places prominence on the need for adolescents to engage in activities that evoke empathy. To combat the issues that come with an adolescent’s frequent social media usage this paper reveals the benefits of reading when it comes to evoking empathy in teens. The paper concludes that evoking empathy in adolescents through reading encourages them to contribute to the greater good of society as they learn how to be socially and culturally aware.



Thesis Comittee

Lisa M. Litterio, PhD., Thesis Advisor
Jessica Birthisel, PhD., Committee Member
Lee Torda, PhD., Committee Member