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This website is meant to serve as a resource for educators to help inform their instruction of English language learners. The focus of the information included in this website is on long term language comprehension and retention of content in science, social studies, and math subject areas. A general overview of English learners is included. The need for differentiated instruction of English learners compared to monolingual students will be supported throughout each section. Suggestions for appropriate and effective long term comprehension strategies and teaching practices are provided based on the findings of recent research. In addition to a review of the current literature on the instruction of English learners, this website will include three sample lesson plans geared towards elementary school students. More specifically, the sample lesson plans will outline a first-grade science lesson, a third-grade math lesson, and a fifth-grade social studies lesson.


Elementary and Early Childhood Education

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Dr. Jacquelynne Boivin, Thesis Advisor
Dr. Jo Hoffman, Committee Member
Dr. Emily Spitzman, Committee Member