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Graphic design and brain surgery. What do they have in common? Each person is trained in their profession. Each person is called upon for services that are needed for a specific reason. Common sense tells you to not perform brain surgery without the proper training. Why would that be any different for Graphic Design? Whereas most people would never attempt brain surgery, the average person seems more than willing to attempt creating Graphic Design, usually with poor results. Event branding is an example of where training in this profession is most beneficial. I was the Graphic Designer in charge of creating the branding needs for the week-long 2014 “Springfest” event for my clients, Matt Miller and Gianna Mazzola from the University’s student-run Program Committee. This required the creation of cohesive product design, frequent communication with the client, and a balance between client specifications and personal creative input. The goal was to design a fully realized brand system that would captivate the consumer and evoke the appropriate feel of the 2014 Springfest theme: Lego©.



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Ivana George

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