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For eight years the Black Lives Matter Movement has made consistent efforts to combat racial injustice, however, their message is often undermined by politicians, media elites, and partisan counter protestors who claim the movement is both aggressive and unwarranted. The same critics of the Summer 2020 Black Lives Matter protests drew comparisons to Anti-Lockdown protests in early 2020, and the insurrection on Capitol Hill in January of 2021 – despite inherently different messages behind each respective protest. This project sets out to find how the framing of the Black Lives Matter movement compares to other partisan protests such as the Anti-Lockdown and Stop the Steal Movements. In doing so, this project will highlight whether there are significant differences in the framing between the protests and the implications each frame has on the overall message of a given movement.


Political Science

Thesis Comittee

Dr. Rachel Navarre, Thesis Advisor
Dr. Inkyoung Kim, Committee Member
Dr. Melinda Tarsi, Committee Member

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