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This study focuses on the compulsive and impulsive spending habits of Gen Z over the past year. Gen Z is defined as the generation born within the years of 1997-2013, following the millennial generation. This generation has been raised surrounding the internet and social media and are considered one of the most technologically advanced generations (Schroth, 2019). Gen Z’s use of technology continues to drastically increase. Recent Data shows that 98% of Gen Z own a smartphone and average a usage time of about 4 hours per day (Kastenholz, 2021). The most popular social platforms among Gen Z are Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. However, platform usage habits have shifted to better fit Gen Z’s desire for social commerce. The algorithms from these platforms provide a more personalized shopping experience which reduces the distractions between purchase desire and checkout (Kastenholz, 2021). This research paper examines the relationship between the Big Five Personality Traits and the compulsive and impulsive buying trends of Gen Z throughout the pandemic. First, a review of the current literature is presented. This is followed by an explanation of methodology, results, and discussion. The paper concludes with limitations and directions for future research.


Management and Marketing

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Dr. Stephanie Jacobsen, Thesis Advisor
Dr. Marian M. Extejt, Committee Member
Dr. Todd C. Harris, Committee Member

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