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From experience and understanding, neurodivergent students are given less opportunity than neurotypical students in school-sponsored activities. With inclusive programs becoming more prevalent, students of all populations can connect and interact in the same activities rather than segregated organizations. Focusing on inclusive programs like Best Buddies and Unified Sports, this thesis will be identifying how these inclusive programs affect social and self-concepts on high school aged students with an IDD and their surrounding community. Through 25 peer-reviewed articles and self-reported data from five surrounding school districts of Southeastern Massachusetts, data and results will be illustrated and analyzed. Having a strong connection to one’s community positively affects how one views their surroundings; therefore, identifying any tie through this study will support the anticipated findings.


Special Education

Thesis Comittee

Dr. Ashley Rodrigues, Thesis Advisor
Dr. Pamela Myette, Committee Member
Dr. J. Edward Carter, Committee Member

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