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The Middleborough Little League Site in Middleborough, MA has undergone all phases of archaeological investigation, yielding nearly 70,000 artifacts and debitage that enhance our knowledge and understanding of the pre-historic past. This site is unique for its amount of ceremonial objects recovered, more than any other site in southeastern Massachusetts. Many artifacts of this site’s assemblage are made from lithic materials not available within the local catchment area – defined by a 15km radius from the site’s location. These factors beg the question of how this site fits into the context of others within the region. This project analyzes this context by examining this site’s and other surrounding sites’ lithic assemblages of materials found outside the local catchment area. The use of geographic information systems software (GIS) aids heavily in the visualization and analysis of the trade and distribution of such materials.



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Dr. Michael Zimmerman, Thesis Advisor

Dr. Curtiss Hoffman, Committee Member

Dr. Darcy Boellstorff, Committee Member

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