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The trauma and stress of homelessness on both children and their families can be devastating and damaging, especially to elementary school children. A teacher’s understanding of the social emotional needs of housing insecure children is critical to their student's social emotional and academic well-being. This study will map the location of schools in major urban areas in Eastern Massachusetts and identify the homeless shelters, transitional homes, and community resources within the area. The purpose of this research is to make clear the relationship between a school's locations and the needs of the children they serve. This study will also provide in-service and preservice teachers with a resource so that they may educate themselves on the specific needs of their elementary age students who have housing insecurities. This study also focuses on how location contributes to a homeless student’s access to success and how mapping the location of important services and public schools can contribute to a homeless student's success. With the knowledge that this study will provide, in-service and preservice teachers can create school experiences for homeless elementary students that are more positive and academically successful.


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Dr. Jeanne Ingle, Thesis Advisor

Dr. Heather Pacheco-Guffrey, Committee Member

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