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The aim of this study was to use data provided by the Department of Public Health in the state of Massachusetts on its online dashboard to produce a time series model to accurately forecast the number of new confirmed deaths that have resulted from the spread of CoViD-19. Multiple different time series models were created, which can be classified as either an Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) model or a Regression Model with ARIMA Errors. Two ARIMA models were created to provide a baseline forecasting performance for comparison with the Regression Model with ARIMA Errors, which used the number of CoViD-19 patients in hospitals as an exogenous variable to help make forecasts. These models were successfully constructed, passed all diagnostic tests and, after comparing the models’ one week forecasts with a variety of forecast error measures, the Regression Model with ARIMA Errors was found to be a superior method to forecast new confirmed deaths of CoViD-19 in Massachusetts.



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Dr. Wanchunzi Yu, Thesis Advisor

Dr. Kevin Rion, Committee Member

Dr. Laura K. Gross, Committee Member

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