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This creative thesis addresses paintings and other visual representations of different Buddhist Hells and responds to them through written poetry. Visions of Hell is a compilation of eight poems inspired by several of the many Buddhist Naraka, or Hells. These “ are not the traditional “Hells” one might imagine today, if anything, they were closer to our notion of Purgatories. Each hell is reserved for specific types of sinners —the type or crime dictating the appropriate hell to inhabit. However, this causal relation, typically present in works of Buddhist art, is not used in the poems. This compilation narrates the story of a man who has just poisoned his wife after she cheated on him. Confronted by images of Buddhist Hells, he inserts himself in the paintings while attempting to deal with his guilt.


Art History


Thesis Comittee

Prof. John Mulrooney, Thesis Advisor

Dr. Sean McPherson, Thesis Advisor

Prof. Evan Dardano, Committee Member

Prof. Blake Ruehrwein, Committee Member

Dr. Andrés Montenegro, Committee Member

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Original document was submitted as an Honors Program requirement. Copyright is held by the author.