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Throughout the past couple of years of my life, Haiti has become increasingly significant in terms of how I see myself and how I see the world around me. My interest in Haiti began on my first mission trip to Kay Mari in 2015 through an organization, Haiti 180. Haiti 180 was created by Sean Forrest, who’s first trip to Haiti was in 2002, providing medical services to the poor. While in Haiti, Forrest visited an orphanage and was moved by the heartfelt compassion and heroic efforts of the caretakers. It disturbed him to notice, however, that for most of the day the children had little activity or physical contact. When Forrest returned home to the States, he asked God to let him build an orphanage for the children of Haiti that would be a true home. The problem was … how could this be done, with no land, no resources, and no funding. With the help of an amazing team, Forrest produced a powerful concert that raised $20,000 for the poor of Haiti, and then dedicated the proceeds of two summer camps to purchase the land and a home for an adopted Haitian family. Today, the orphanage, Kay Mari, is complete and bursting with happy children, the world-class school is full of life and learning, the chapel is a beautiful anchor for spiritual life in the village, a warm and inviting elderly home, Kay Martina, and the medical facility is standing strong.



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