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In this world, there exist histories that do not make it into textbooks or school curriculums. There are events that are born in the shadows of suppression, with victims stifled so much so that they have no means of telling their stories. Historical happenings do not always have the privilege of being accurately recorded where the pen meets the paper. Instead, these instances linger in the air, passed on from one generation to the next by storytelling and song, aging into myth. Colonization, or the act of settling into a foreign land and establishing dominance over the natives, has history extending as far back as ancient Greece, and now has spread like a disease to the far corners of the globe (Veracini 5). From New Zealand to Mexico, and many places in between, groups of native people have faced discrimination and erasure at the hands of colonists. Those who control history and how these occurrences are chronicled understand their immense power in this world, and continue to perpetuate instances of supremacy on a global scale. With the rise of modern technology, more and more of the horrors of neocolonialism (or modern-day colonialism) are being brought forth, into the sunlight, abuse and all.



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