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As Millennials are currently at the forefront of the consumer population, their business is an essential partnership. When targeting the Millennial Generation; the most effective component of the Marketing Mix is Promotion. The main purpose of this thesis is to highlight the importance of adaptability and increased targeting toward the Millennial Generation. The methodology will include: a combination of data from primary and secondary research on the Millennial’s Promotional Marketing experience, and an analysis of successful promotional strategies from the corporate and industry level. The research will clearly identify the overall importance and benefit of the Promotional Marketing Strategy of targeting the Millennial Generation through examination of promotional products, promotional tactics, successful promotional campaigns, and the Millennial as a consumer. This is important in the business world to promote better strategic measures in optimizing towards goals and having a better understanding of the important role that Millennials play in the consumer world of today. Recognizing the Power of Promotional Marketing to Millennials will assist a company in their overall brand retention and recognition leading to consumer loyalty and an increase in sales.



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Dr. Chien Yu, Thesis Advisor

Dr. Todd Harris, Committee Member

Dr. Peter Sietins, Committee Member

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