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This honors thesis is a continued exploration of my Adrian Tinsley Program Summer Grant titled “Bauhausian Rhapsody, Uncle Chester went to Cambridge: An Adventure with Walter Gropius and The Architects Collaborative”. The Bauhaus was a school in Germany created in 1919, which for the first-time combined art education with applied arts and new technology. Today’s maker movement, and makerspaces, follow through with that idea and encourage creative problem solving, design thinking, craftsmanship, and technology. My ATP summer research focused on my great-uncle Chester Nagel, an architect who studied under Walter Gropius at Harvard from 1939-1940, and later became a professor of architecture from 1946-1984. Nagel spoke often and wrote essays and memoirs about the teaching style and philosophies of Walter Gropius regarding creativity, collaboration, and design. It is interesting to compare Gropius’s views as I research contemporary trends of design education, materials, and practice.



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Prof. Alain Blunt, Thesis Advisor

Dr. Sean McPherson, Committee Member

Dr. John Shirland, Committee Member

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