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Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen has remained relevant since its publication in 1813, in part due to the popularity of numerous adaptations in multiple mediums. Pride and Prejudice is a novel that champions protofeminism as well as offers 1 an example of Austen’s unique style of writing. The story follows the Bennet family, and specifically the second oldest daughter Elizabeth, as their mother searches for husbands for her five daughters. Elizabeth is a woman that is expected to enter into a successful marriage, which would be defined by financial security for herself and her family. However, she refuses this and instead seeks happiness, freedom, and choice in her life. As the story progresses Elizabeth emerges as a character that is fiercely independent while at the same time heavily conscious of what others think. This is shown time and again through the narrator, as the narrator serves as a source of honesty in the midst of stubborn characters.



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