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Despite the extensive careers services programs offered at secondary education institutions across the United States, students continue to underutilize the programs offered for career preparedness. The purpose of this research was to investigate what skills students were interested in learning more about related to the job search process and how they preferred to receive such information. It also examined if the graduate students in the Ricciardi College of Business at Bridgewater State University utilized Career Services, what resources they were interested in learning more about, and how they preferred these resources to be offered. The findings were consistent with previous research studies and showed Career Service resources are greatly underutilized by graduate students. In this study, 46 percent of students have never utilized Career Service resources compared to 34% noted in previous research findings (Fadulu 2018). Based on the study’s findings, several recommendation were given as to how the RCOB can offer Career Service resources to graduate students to improve the likelihood students will utilize the resources and benefit from their experiences.



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