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“Whether there are female leadership styles…is not really the right question. It is more important to ask why there has been so little attention paid to women leaders over the years as well as why the styles of leading more often exhibited by women are particularly useful at this critical moment in history” ~Charlotte Bunch

In the United States, women have been making steady gains in the workforce for more than 40 years (Ho, 2018).Despite this fact, women continue to face discrimination when it comes to leadership roles in the upper ranks of organizations (Ho, 2018). Noting these challenges, this thesis aims to highlight the most significant career barriers facing women at work. Therefore, I explore the degree to which employment attitudes improved over the past two decades. Accordingly, this thesis will provide a cursory review of the gender and employment literature, hitting major topics such as: (1) child-rearing, and (2) workplace flexibility, as examples.



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Dr. Jakari Griffith, Thesis Advisor

Dr. Todd Harris, Committee Member

Dr. Patricio Torres-Palacio, Committee Member

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