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When I first set out to work on this thesis project, I was apprehensive. For years I had done my best to distance myself from my experience growing up homeschooled because I didn’t want to be marked by it. Throughout my life, I sought out fiction or nonfiction accounts of homeschooling, yet the identities never seemed to align with any part of my experiences or observations. During this project, however, as I read homeschooling nonfiction books like Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs, The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, or Real Lives edited by Grace Llewellyn, I began to see a stronger resemblance with other unconventionally schooled people, an unfurling identity that both challenged and connected with my own. The following four nonfiction essays serve to do the same with the homeschooling narrative that is currently being told in the creative writing community—to both connect with it, in experience, educational methodology, and voice as well as to challenge it in the same respects.



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Dr. Sarah Fawn Montgomery, Thesis Advisor

Prof. Bruce Machart, Committee Member

Prof. Evan Dardano, Committee Member

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